When we hear the word “artist” we often think of Pablo Picasso, Leonardo d Vinci, or Andy Warhol. At Riviera Bronze, however, we know that artist is a broad term the branches to all walks of creativity. Our custom, handcrafted steel doors and windows are handcrafted each day by our own artists. That’s why this year we asked employees to create a mark that would last forever on the art they create.

Each person who has been employed with Riviera Bronze for at least one year was asked a couple months ago to design their own mark, specific to them. This idea came from a tour of Mont Saint-Michel by the President of Riviera Bronze.

Upon touring this centuries old monastery off the coast of Normandy, France, one particular detail became noticeable to the tourists—various marks etched into each stone. They learned that these marks were how the workers were paid each day. The reason this monastery is still standing so many years later is because of the pride and detail each worker put into their job. Their marks are forever attached to this building, and they wanted to be represented well.

The same goes for Riviera Bronze artisans.

Over fifty employees designed marks that were then made into steel stamps. These marks ranged from initials, to symbols, to marks completely personal to that employee. This led up to each employee etching their mark into a piece of beautiful bronze, to be displayed in the Riviera Bronze showroom. In addition, each steel door and window completed by our artisans will now feature employee marks on the mounting flange. This is just one more way our employees can take pride in their work and forever remember the accomplishment of creating a beautiful, one-of-a-kind piece of art.