Product Finishes and Systems

Product finishes

second story window panes, opened

Natural Patina – Metallized

The Natural Patina – Metallized finish is available for both precision steel and our thermally broken stainless steel windows and doors. Metallizing is a process where the surface of each unit is coated with zinc followed by the patina process. The natural patina – metallized finish is monochromatic with slight variation to the hue and tone. Colors range from medium to dark brown or from grey to black, depending upon customer specifications.
custom steel window


The Natural Patina – Galvanized finish is available for the precision steel products. Fabricated units are “dipped” in molten zinc which provides robust protection against corrosion. This lustrous finish is achieved through a hand-rubbed process. Each unit varies slightly in hue and tone making each steel window or door unique. Hues range from amber to dark brown or grey to black, depending upon customer specifications.
Steel Window


Our Super Durable Powder Coat finishes are compliant to AAMA 2604 with excellent weather resistance properties for high performance results in any climate. The finish is available in glossy, semi-gloss and matte surfaces. Color choices are infinite. Riviera Bronze has the capability to custom match virtually any color desired by our customers. Powder Coat is available on the precision steel product line only.
Modern Home with custom windows and doors


Our Marine Grade Liquid Paint finish is of the highest quality available. Our units are first cleaned and etched to remove any surface residue. The paint finish is a three-coat process with the first an epoxy primer. Each unit is hand-sanded between coats to eliminate imperfections and achieve the smoothest finish imaginable. Riviera Bronze can achieve a nearly infinite array of color choices. Marine Grade Liquid Paint is available on both the precision steel and thermally broken stainless steel window and door systems.


custom steel windows


Casement steel windows are available in single, double, and triple up to virtually any number desired. Our casement windows can be arrayed in combination with fixed windows, transoms, clerestory, etc. Riviera Bronze casement steel windows are available with a host of closing options, including our own proprietary swivel bar closing system.
custom steel windows


Riviera Bronze pivot windows can rotate either horizontally or vertically. We will create what you envision and have done systems ranging from small oval pivots within a larger system (see photo) to huge, perfectly counterbalanced systems which afford an indoor to outdoor experience in moments.
custom steel window


Riviera Bronze top-hinged awning steel windows are available singly or as sections in either a vertical or horizontal series. Awnings are designed to provide ventilation while excluding rain. Riviera Bronze awning windows are available with options for automation. Our hopper steel window systems are energy efficient, attractive, innovative and durable. Hopper steel windows tilt open from a bottom hinge rather than by lifting or sliding.
custom steel windows


Riviera Bronze transom steel windows are set above a door or larger window. Clerestory windows are those placed in a high section of wall…above eye level. The purpose is to admit light, fresh air or both. Riviera Bronze fixed steel windows range from the smallest sliver to virtually an entire wall. Our steel windows are available in true arch, elliptical, round top in the radius you specifically desire.

Door Systems

custom steel doors


Riviera Bronze steel doors are available in single or double. Our steel doors may be combined with transoms and/or fixed sidelights, lockbox height and width made to your design intent. A Dorma closing system will merge seamlessly with our unique solid bronze threshold. Riviera Bronze precision steel doors can accommodate one-of-a-kind ornate grills or other unique designs.
Sliding Steel Door


Riviera Bronze sliding steel doors are virtually without limit. The width, height, and number of sliding panels is made as you wish. Our precision rollers and track ensure a smooth operation. Riviera Bronze sliders can disappear into wall pockets and can also be automated to close with one touch to the screen of your phone.
custom steel doors and windows


Riviera Bronze bifold steel doors are engineered for fluid operation. Our custom built carriages and thoughtful designs allow even the widest opening to operate smoothly, while panels stack neatly as you create an indoor-outdoor environment. Riviera Bronze bifold doors are the perfect solution to create an architectural statement.
custom steel door


Riviera Bronze pivot doors are amazing. Your design determines the pivot point – whether center or offset. Our pivot steel doors make a dramatic statement as an entry or for a truly fantastic result consider an automated line of pivot doors all opening together at the touch of a button.

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