Riviera Bronze precision steel and thermally broken stainless-steel window and door systems can accommodate virtually any quality hardware desired. We most often utilize Sun Valley Bronze solid bronze door and window hardware and have worked in partnership with SVB to develop a number of features that are exclusive to Riviera Bronze.

Window Hardware is included in each unit and available in various configurations, including hopper, swivel bar, push-out casement, awning, or Getty crank. As a standard, casements are configured with Sun Valley Bronze CWL-302 casement latches, hoppers with Blaine casement style latches or schoolhouse latch, etc.


It is imperative that we have a selection for the mortise case and trim at the time of shop drawings. The reason is this – the lock box is determined by the escutcheon size, and the fabrication of the lock box and door sash are the first step in the fabrication process. I advise my customers “if there is no selection made, we will make it for you with standard Sun Valley Bronze plate size and 2-1/2” backset mortise case” This works well for most customers as they can still select the series, lever and finish. The most common size is a 2-1/2” x 10” plate.

Our proposals are clear that we do not include the trim but have begun including Accurate 9000 series 2.5” backset mortise cases. This is because of the variable costs of the details and different manufacturers. It is imperative that we order the hardware within a month of signed shop drawings. We need the cases and trim in house during the “hanging” phase of the production process.

Each hardware set is fit specifically to one door or window and each piece is installed in our factory to ensure it will work perfectly on the day of installation. 

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