World's Best Cities for Architecture and Design Fanatics

January 11, 2018 / Feature

World's Best Cities for Architecture and Design Fanatics

Beautiful architecture isn't exactly a new concept. Men and women have been building homes, sky scrapers and arenas for thousands of years, resulting in some undeniably impressive pieces of architecture from hemisphere to hemisphere. For architecture fanatics like us, here are our Top 4 Cities to visit on your next family vacation for viewing some truly impressive and timeless architecture. 

1. Boston

When people think about architectural cities, Boston doesn't usually top the list. Around the world, Boston is known for being the center of the American Revolution, where key events like the Boston Tea Party and Boston Massacre took place, but little attention is given to the city today for their architectural achievements. Whether you're walking the cobblestone street neighborhoods lined with brownstones, watching the sun set behind the Prudential Tower or Hancock building, or walking along the Harvard campus, Boston tugs at the heartstrings of any true architectural buff. 

2. New York City

NYC is knows for its cuisine, glamour and entertainment, but also hosts some of the world's most recognizable buildings and structures. Every local (and even tourists) know that the thing to do in NYC is walk across the Brooklyn Bridge from Manhatten. The bridge was open to the public in 1883 and connects Manhatten to Brooklyn. The historic landmark was the first steel-wire suspension bridge constructed and because the steel is so thick, it took a decade for the project to be completed. However, the use of steel for this bridge is one of many reasons why this structure is still in tact today. 

3. Dubai

The Burj Khalifa stands at an impressive 2,723-feet tall, making it the tallest and most modern piece of architecture standing today, and has been so since 2008. The mega-skyscraper was built using 31,400 metric tonnes of steel, but impressively enough, despite its size the structure was able to use less material for the built due to its tube-like design. 

4. Paris

When talking about architectural cities, Paris and the Eiffel Tower have to be included. Construction beggan in 1887 and required an impressive 7,300 tonnes of steel to complete. The Tower is a staple in the Paris skyline and is perhaps the most recognized and visited structure in the world. 




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